1.  Diedrich rotary boxes are machined cast ductile iron boxes. They are more rigid

     and tougher than welded boxes. This leads to fewer broken chains and no

     misalignment of the spindle. Rotary boxes are sealed, oil filled boxes - no grease

     is leaking from the box. All seals can be replaced without taking the box apart.


2.  All Diedrich rigs use two-section hydraulic pumps. The water/mud pump runs off

     of a different section than the feed. The pump will not slow down when cleaning

     a rotary boring. This also simplifies the entire hydraulic system requiring fewer

     hoses and making it easier to service.


 3. Most tool boxes, water tanks, rod racks and auger boxes are bolt-on options. They

     can be removed to suit any job requirements.


 4. Access to all driveline components including clutch, transmission, right angle

     drive, u-joints, and drive shafts is simplified to provide easy maintenance of all



 5. Rig components are painted prior to assembly reducing the areas where corrosion

     can start. Heavy-duty polyurethane paint is standard on all rigs. Hydraulic hoses

     are not painted which increases their life.


 6. Most bearings, seals, and other maintenance items are common, off-the-shelf

     items, which can be purchased locally.


 7. The Diedrich rubber track undercarriage is a heavy duty carrier using hydrostatic

     drive with two-speed motors to provide high torque for climbing and high speed

     for traveling.


Diedrich Drill is first with innovations to improve drilling safety, productivity, and

maintenance with items such as easily replaceable split guide tube bushings, the carrier-

mast safety interlock system(U.S. Patent No. 5,647,442), clutch lock-out and neutral

safety switch.



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