Performance ratings are based on engineering specifications, calculations and accepted industry standards. Capacities may vary according to drilling conditions. Diedrich Drill reserves the right to amend these specifications at any time, without notice
GENERAL Heavy duty drill rig for soil and rock exploration using augers, rotary tools or core drilling tools.

Rated to depths of 150 ft.(46 m) to 300 ft. (92 m) with hollow stem or continuous flight augers up to 19 inch (483 mm) hole size.

Rated to 1500 linear feet (458m) of core drilling using NW series tools.

POWER UNIT The drill is powered by a 4-cylinder turbo-charged diesel engine.* Electric starting and engine instruments are standard.                  *Other engine options are available
FRAME & BASE The drill frame is a weldment, constructed of heavy wall rectangular steel tubing, with sufficient strength and rigidity for heavy duty use.
CLUTCH & TRANSMISSION Clutch - 13 inch (330mm) automotive type.

Transmission - Heavy duty helical gear transmission with 5 forward and 1 reverse speed.

Optional Cathead is driven by a power-take-off providing 1 speed forward and 1 reverse.

RIGHT ANGLE DRIVE The right angle drive is a heavy-duty spiral bevel gearbox, totally enclosed, and running in oil
ROTARY BOX The rotary box on the standard D-90 consists of a #100 triple strand chain drive which is totally enclosed and running in oil. The quill and spindle are supported on tapered roller bearings. The lower bearings run submerged in oil and the upper bearings are externally greased.
SPECIFICATIONS Spindle Bore.....3-1/2" (89mm)
Spindle travel....68" (1727mm) 
                         up 32,515# (145kN)    @2300psi
                         down 18,064# (80kN)    @2300 psi
Max feed rate....up FPM 41 (13m/min)
                         down FPM 74 (23m/min)
                         up regenerative FPM 64 (20m/min)
Max gross spindle torque*.........1st gear, low range
                                        12121 ft. lbs.(16461Nm)
Max Spindle speed....

  1st gear  - 70 to 78RPM**

  5th gear - 566 to 630RPM
** varies with choice of rotary boxes and engine
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Oil is supplied by a heavy-duty 2-section gear type pump rated at 20GPM(76min) and 28 GPM(106l/min). Maximum operating pressure is 2300 PSI(15513k Pa). The pump is driven by a drive shaft connected to the front of the engine or from the engine auxiliary drive.

Hydraulic valves are stock sectional body directional control valves with an integral non-adjustable relief valve. An optional  regenerative spool can be provided for the main feed valve providing a high speed spindle lift as well as normal operation.

AUGER ADAPTER A heavy universal joint, which mounts to the spindle with a single nut, is provided for ease in hook-up and adjusting for misalignment. All components are sized to withstand severe combinations of torque and axial load. 4-1/4"(108mm) I.D. HSA box is standard, other sizes available.


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