The Diedrich automatic SPT hammer system hydraulically lifts a 140 lb drive weight and completely releases the weight for a 30 in. free fall. The drive weight does not have a cable or rope attached that may impede its it fall. The hammer is operated at a rate up to 50 blows per minute, The tolerance of the fall height is a plus or minus 3/8 inch. The hammer mounts on the Rotary Box so that it can be hydraulically raised and lowered and easily moved to the on-hole driving position. The hammer can also be operated while suspended from a winch cable. The hammer driving force is transmitted only to the anvil and rods, and the hammer allows for up to 24 inches of driving without movement of the hammer body. The drive weight, lifting mechanism and anvil impact surface are enclosed to provide optimum safety.


The automatic hammer system provides:

  • Easy and efficient operation
  • Consistent driving forces for penetration testing
  • Optimum safety
  • Up to 50 blows per minute driving rate
  • 6 ft. vertical travel when mounted on the rotary box
  • Can be used with any drill rig
  • Removal of the split-spoon sampler hydraulically
  • Convenient off-hole storage
  • Casing and well point driving capability
  • Operation unaffected by weather conditions
  • A safety feature that prevents the hammer from operating if the anvil is not in place

  The Diedrich Automatic SPT Hammer can be used with three different mounting options:                  


With this mounting option, the hammer is mounted to a "gate" which is attached to one of the guide tubes on auger rigs with two feed cylinders. The hammer moves up and down with the rotary box. When drilling, the hammer swings and locks into a position to the right of the driller. When sampling, the hammer swings to the left and locks onto the other guide tube.With this mounting option, the sampler can be pulled free after driving by pinning the anvil to the hammer and raising the feed.


OPTION #2: SIDE CYLINDER MOUNT                

With this option, a seperate cylinder is used to raise and lower the hammer. The hammer swings to the right of the driller while drilling and swings back to the left when sampling. The hammer does not attach to the rotary box or feed system and cannot be used to pull the sampler after driving.

OPTION #3: The hammer can be operated while suspended from a winch cable. Various options are available for storage depending on the rig type.

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