Diedrich Drill is proud to announce its latest safety innovation!!!


       Everyone in our industry has read about, seen and/or heard of drilling crews that drive from one drill site to the next with their mast in the upright position. This practice is considered to save time and effort, but, obviously, it is an exceedingly dangerous and illegal procedure. All too often the upright mast contacts an electric power line and the crew perishes. We are proud to announce that there is now a safety device available on the market that positively prohibits this careless action from occuring. Everyone should be pleased with this development since the Carrier/Mast Safety Interlock* will help to further improve the safety record within our industry. Additionally, if universally accepted, it would put safety conscious crews on an equal productivity basis with crews that might otherwise choose to ignore safe drilling procedures.

      Through a series of sensors, the carrier is disabled once the feed frame reaches the vertical drilling position. After completing a job at a drill site, the drill rig cannot be moved until the mast/feed frame is completely lowered to its normal travel position. In areas or buildings with overhead restrictions such as rafters, the Carrier/Mast Safety Interlock* does allow one to move the carrier while the mast/feed frame is being raised. But, again, as soon as the feed frame is in the vertical drilling position, the carrier is disabled.

     For drill rigs with angle drilling capabilities, the carrier is disabled once the mast/feed frame is raised any distance from its normal travel position and will remain disabled until the mast/feed frame is completely lowered.

     This safety improvement is available to every drill rig owner and manufacturer. To our knowledge, it can be added to every new or used rig, so please call or email us for further details.

*Patent Pending

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