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Achieving the full capacity of the Moyno 3L8 pump requires high rotational speed.
Starting the pump requires high rotational torque.

You ask, "How can I get both from the same power source"?


Diedrich has the answer.

Our Two-Speed Hydraulic Water Pump Drive Motor connects directly to the
pump input shaft. With just a flick of a switch, this electically controlled system
provides low flows for coring work and high flows for mud rotary or hole flushing.

No need to stop pump rotation!

No need to move from one side of the machine to the other just to shift gears!

It's all done at the control panel!

Pump rotation speeds are 0 to 400 rpm in low range, and 0 to 800 rpm in high.
Output torque in low range is 307.5 ft. lbs. Switch to high and the torque is
154 ft. lbs. Get the full value from your pump investment. The Two-Speed
Hydraulic Water Pump Drive Motor works with any rotationally driven pumping system.

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