Auger Size I.D. in Inches

    2-1/4 I.D. 3-1/4 I.D. 4-1/4 I.D. 6-1/4 I.D.
1 Dbl Adapter Cap - 2" Hex Q-155-2 Q-155-3 Q-155-4 Q-156-6
Dbl Adapter Cap - 1-5/8" Hex Q-100 Q-115 Q-127 Q-137
2 Nut & Bolt Q-101 Q-116 Q-128 Q-137
3 Hollow Stem Auger 5' Q-102 Q-117 Q-129 Q-139
Lead Hollow Stem Auger 5' Q-102L Q-117L Q-129L Q-139L
Hollow Stem Auger 2-1/2' Q-103 Q-118 Q-130 Q-140
4 Auger Head - Finger Type Bit Q-104 Q-119 Q-131 Q-141
Auger Head - HD Q-104HD Q-119HD Q-131HD Q-141HD
Auger Head - Blade Type Bit Q-105 Q-120 Q-132 Q-142
Auger Head - Conical Q-376 Q-377 Q-378 Q-379
Auger Head - Conical Blade Q-376S Q-377S Q-378S Q-379S
5 AWJ Rod to Cap Adapter Q-415 Q-156AW Q-156AW Q-156AW
NWJ Rod to Cap Adapter N/A Q-156NW Q-156NW Q-156NW
AW Rod to Cap Adapter Q-106 Q-121 Q-121 Q-121
Nw Rod to Cap Adapter N/A Q-122 Q-122 Q-122
6 AWJ Pilot Bit Assy w/Center Bit Q-368 Q-370AW Q-371AW Q-372AW
NWJ Pilot Bit Assy w/Center Bit N/A Q-370 Q-371 Q-372
AW Pilot Bit Assy w/Center Bit Q-107 Q-123 Q-268 N/A
NW Pilot Bit Assy w/Center Bit N/A Q-124 Q-134 Q-144
7 Center Bit Q-108 Q-125 Q-135 Q-41
8 Bushings Q-109 Q-109 Q-109 Q-109
9 Bolt Q-110 Q-110 Q-110 Q-110
10 Thread Protector Q-111 Q-111 Q-111 Q-111
  Auger Bushing Tap Q-317 Q-317 Q-317 Q-317
Auger Bolt Seal Q-110C Q-110C Q-110C Q-110C
Gasket N/A Q-117G Q-129G N/A
  O Ring N/A Q-117-1 H-48 Q-145
11 Blade Bit Q-113 Q-113 Q-113 Q-113
12 Finger Bit Q-114 Q-114 Q-114 Q-114
13 Conical Bit Q-153 Q-153 Q-153 Q-153
14 Heavy Duty Bit Q-248 Q-248 Q-248 Q-248
  Spade Bit Q-155 Q-155 Q-155 Q-155
  Large Conical Bit Q-153L Q-153L Q-153L Q-153L
Auger Holder Q-300 Q-300 Q-302 Q-304
Auger Retriever Q-301 Q-304 Q-303 Q-305


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