Intoducing the Diedrich Quick Connect Head

    A head designed for use with any standard 3" shelby tube!!!

    The Diedrich Quick Disconnect Head may be activated with a specially designed quick release handle or any similar tool you may have available. With this head, there are no screws and the tube may be changed in seconds, versus the other standard screw type heads. The Quick head is spring loaded, contains a check valve and is packed in grease and sealed with "O" rings. In an effort to prevent rust and give improved wear, many parts are plated.

     The Quick head may easily be serviced and repair parts are available when needed.

     Let us help to make your sampling job easier, call us for more information. As with other Diedrich products, the Quick Disconnect Head is a stock item.



Item No. Description Part No.  
Complete Unit AW K-35  
Complete Unit AWT K-35AWT  
Complete Unit N K-35N  
Complete Unit N-3 K-35N-3  
Complete Unit NW K-35NW  
  Complete Unit NWT K-35NWT  
1 Head Body AW K-36  
  Head Body AWT K-36AWT  
  Head Body N K-36N  
  Head Body N-3 K-36N-3  
  Head Body NW K-36NW  
  Heads Body NWT K-36NWT  
2 Piston K-37  
3 Piston 'O' Ring K-38  
4 Threaded Bushing 'O' Ring K-39  
5 Plunger Spring K-40  
6 Plunger K-41  
7 Threaded Bushing K-42  
8 Piston Spring K-43  
9 Ball K-44  
10 'O' Ring K-45  
11 Bottom Cap K-46  
12 Bottom Cap 'O' Ring K-47  
13 Ball Retaining Plug K-48  
* - Price includes Handle
Release Handle K-49  



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