Diedrich Dry Augers *

    By utilizing simple, inexpensive compression seals, auger bolt caps and O-rings, the Diedrich Dry Augers* gives the driller a leak proof string and the flexibility of conventional augers. No longer will you worry about leaving your water resistant augers in the ground just because they break when you hit a cobble.

    The problem of water flowing in through the auger connections when drilling below the water table is a thing of the past. The same is true for fluids flowing out of the connections while mud rotary drilling. The Diedrich Dry Augers* will save you time and materials while eliminating cross contamination headaches.

    The Diedrich Dry Augers* system is adaptable to all sizes of Diedrich, CME, Foremost and other types of auger connections, so please call or email us for details.

*Patent Pending


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