These are all ways of describing the 140lb. Safety Hammer manufactured by Diedrich Drill

  The safety hammer assures accuracy through the use of a newly-designed, one-piece, stem-impact block unit and assures safety through fully enclosing the parts between the hammer and the rod. As with other Diedrich Drill products, the hammer is manufactured of high quality steel to assure a sturdy, well-built product.

  Call and let us help answer any questions you may have about our 140lb. Safety Hammer. Diedrich Drill safety hammers are in stock and ready to be shipped to you today!!

                                                   Pull Pieces        Pipe Drive Rings



Item No. Description Part No.
Complete AW L-7AW
Complete AWT L-7AWT
Complete NW L-7NW
Complete NWT L-7NWT
Complete N L-7N
Complete N-3 L-7N-3
1 Barrel, Bail, & Anvil L-7
2 AW Stem/Impact L-11
AWT Stem/Impact L-35
NW Stem/Impact L-6NW
NWT Stem/Impact L-6NWT
NW Stem/Impact L-6N
N-3 Stem/Impact L-6N-3



Washer - AW L-7-3
Washer - N L-7-3N
3 Retainer, Anvil - AW L-7-4
Retainer, Anvil - N L-7-4N
4 Screw 90876


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