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Power Source CAT 32.7 HP (Tier 4)
Horsepower 32.7 HP @ 2800 RPM
Max Spindle Torque 3,764 ft. lbs. (5.103 Nm)
Spindle Bore 2.3775" I.D. (60 mm)
Push & Retract Force Down: 6,600 lbf, Up: 10,300 lbf
Rotary Box 60 Double Chain Drive
Clutch 8.5" Clutch
Transmission Helical gear transmissions with 3 forward
Drilling Type All Purpose

The Diedrich D-25 Diesel! Designed with a 32.7HP Caterpillar engine and improved control panel, this drill has been built to deliver efficient production using the smallest possible footprint.

If you’re looking for a drill that is compact, lightweight and has the ability to auger, soil sample, mud rotary, and core with restrictive clearance drilling capability, look no further.

With the D-25’s ability to be mounted on tracks, skid, truck and all of the options you can use to customize this capable drill, you will find a combination to perfectly accommodate your needs.

Best paired with 2-1/4″ (57mm) or 3-1/4” (83 mm) I.D. hollow stem augers. This drill is rated to 50 ft. (16 m) depth using 3-1/4″ augers, and even better with 2-1/4″.
Standard Penetration Test 50-100 ft. (16 – 30 m) depth.

Rated to 150 linear feet (45 m) of core drilling using N Series tools.


  • Mast
  • Cathead
  • Hydraulic Hoist
  • Slide Base
  • Leveling Jacks
  • Trailer Assembly
  • Water Tank
  • Drill Platform
  • Rod Rack
  • Auger Rack
  • Tool Boxes
  • Water Pump
  • Feed Frame Sheave Mount
  • Skid
  • Towing Rack
  • Caster Assembly
Frame & Base

The drill frame is a weldment, constructed of heavy wall rectangular steel tubing, with sufficient strength and rigidity for heavy-duty use.

Power Source

32.7 HP CAT, Liquid cooled, 3 cylinder, Tier 4 Diesel engine. No DEF required in this HP range.

Maximum Gross Spindle Torque

First Gear – Low Range

  • 3,764 ft.lbs. (5,103Nm)
Spindle Bore

2.25 I.D. (57.15 mm)

Push & Retract Force
  • UP: 10,300 lbf
  • DOWN: 6,600 lbf
Rotary Box

The rotary box consists of a #60 two-strand roller chain drive running in gear oil.

Clutch & Transmission

Clutch – 8.5” (216 mm) automotive type. Tandem transmission setup with three speeds forward and one reverse.

Right Angle Drive

The right-angle drive is a heavy-duty gearbox running in oil.

Hydraulic System

On the D-25, hydraulic oil is supplied by a heavy-duty gear type pump rated at 18 GPM (68 L/min) at 2800 RPM.  Maximum operating pressure is set to 2100 PSI.

The hydraulic valves are stock sectional body directional control valves with integral adjustable relief valve.

Auger Adapter

A heavy-duty universal joint is provided for ease in hook-up and adjusting for misalignment.  All components are sized to withstand torque and axial loads encountered under most drilling conditions.  The 1-5/8” (41.3 mm) female hex is standard, other sizes available.


The mast is approximately 15-3/4 ft(4.5m) from the bottom of the slide base. The mast is pivoted on the drill frame, permitting separation of the drill with the mast horizontal. Quick mast disconnect is standard. Sheaves are provided for the cathead rope and the winch cable.


The cathead is hydraulically driven from the drill rig hydraulic system. The cathead drum is 6″ (152mm) in diameter.

  • Line Pull : 1000 lb. (454 kg)
  • Speed : 415 ft/min (126m/min)

Hydraulic Hoist

The hydraulic hoist utilizes a worm gear drive with a sealed case. Gears and tapered roller bearings run in oil. Housing and drum are designed to prevent fouling of the cable. Hoist is provided with a safety brake to prevent roll back.

Slide Base

A hydraulically operated sliding base provides 16 inches (406mm) of travel to provide clearance for hoisting tools. The sliding base can be mounted on any flat surface of adequate size.

Leveling Jacks

Hydraulic jacks are available for rear and front mounting.

Trailer Assembly

Double axle trailers are available for transporting and drilling with the rig. Steel ramps are provided for removing the rig from the trailer.

Water Tank

Welded steel water tanks mount at the front of the truck rig drill platform. Track rigs do not come with optional water tanks.

Drill Platform

Dimensions vary with the truck or carrier size. Welded construction consists of structural steel and deck plates. Running lights are included.

Standard D-25 truck rigs require a minimum of an F-550, Chevy 5500, or larger. Options may be limited dependent on truck provided.

Rod Rack

Above deck rod rack and underbody rod rack are standard with drill platform. Optional rod storage under the water tank is also available.

Auger Rack

Above deck auger rack is standard with drill platform. Underbody fixed or hinged auger racks are available.

Tool Boxes

Tool boxes are available for above or below deck mounting in several sizes.

Water Pump

Pump is frame mounted and driven from the rig hydraulic system.

  • Moyno 3L4 or 3L6 with variable speed

Feed Frame Sheave Mount

The feed frame sheave mount bolts to the top of the feed frame to allow use of the cathead and winch when drilling with the mast horizontal. This permits drilling in 10 ft (3m) overhead clearances with a skid mounted rig.


The drill can be mounted on a steel skid with an overall length of 116″(2946mm) and a width of 48″(1219mm). The arms of the skid are removable for ease of drilling and maneuvering.

Towing Rack

Skid rigs are available with an integrated winch mounted to the front of the frame. This allows for self-maneuvering the rig using an anchor point.

Caster Assembly

Casters clamp to the skid frame for ease of movement on hard surfaces.

Trailer Mounted

Truck Mounted

Diedrich Drill D-25D Drill Rig

Track Mounted

Diedrich Drill D-25D Drill Rig

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